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Saturday, 10 May 2014 00:00


broken carHave you ever had an issue with your car or truck and had the repair refused to be covered under warranty? At one time or another we either know someone that has had a warranty repair refused, or even have had this issue happen to ourselves. How does this happen you ask – isn’t the warranty supposed to be bumper to bumper?

Thursday, 24 April 2014 00:00

gm-logo Toyota Logo

As the media continues to focus on the current GM ignition defects, Toyota issued a massive auto recall(6 million vehicles) that has gone largely unnoticed. This just weeks after paying the largest criminal penalty ever charged against an automaker. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Toyota has recalled more cars in the US than any other auto manufacturer, with more than five million vehicles in each of the last two years. Just months into 2014 Toyota has already recalled almost 2.9 million vehicles in the US. My guess is if you ask anyone about automotive recalls and defects, GM would be the topic of discussion.

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 00:00


Mary Barra faced members of the Senate yesterday in what was easily the most difficult day in Barra's three month tenure as CEO of General Motors. With 2.6 million cars being recalled due to a defective ignition switch, Senate members pressed Barra over what she knew, and when she knew it. If you believe Barra, she is still gathering all the intel she can. What about Delphi – the company whom supplied the defective part. What did they know? It's only a matter of time till Delphi, as well as other GM executives are called up to testify. 

Monday, 24 March 2014 00:00


Cover-ups, months to respond to a slew of automotive defects – is the new GM the GM of old?

This certainly has been a busy few months for newly appointed CEO Mary Barra. As she tries to do her best to controll the situtation, US senators are now lining up to take a peak into the situtation. No doubt GM has worked hard turning the once defective ridden, sometimes downright ugly automotive line into the industry standard for design and quality. Its unfortunate the recent slew of recalls has cast doubt over if the new GM is still the GM of old. If the actuations that GM knew of the ignition problems in 2001 and waited till 2014 to take action are true, this would severely damage the brand it has worked so hard to repair since the 2008 auto bail out.

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